beautiful smudge proof make up that lasts 1-3 years

Microbladed eyebrows by Caley Soul

Microbladed eyebrows by Caley Soul


Caley Soul trained in Harley Street, in a world class centre of excellence by the leader in semi-permanent make up in the UK, Anette Power.

Caleys' reputation for precision and colour and definition perfection is second to none and is now available in the Cotswolds. 

Caley is regularly called upon to enhance peoples appearances and features, creating long lasting youthful looks for her clients. The difference it makes to their lives is phenomenal.

Semi-permanent make up & microblading is a cosmetic tattoo and we want to know we have chosen wisely.

the process

 Your treatment will begin with a consultation we will discuss  the shape and the colour of your preference.   Once you have decided the shape and colour that you would like, I measure each eyebrow, lip or eyeliner, level them up and draw the outline,once we have the perfect shape for you and only then do I start the permanent makeup process. 

a patch test is required for any treatment. this is to be carried out 48 hours before any treatment.


healing time

Certain skin types may vary.  Generally You will be able to go about you normal activities after the procedure. minimal slight redness is usual and will go away after about a day or so. A tiny scab will form As with any permanent cosmetic treatment, I will give you a special after care treatment balm to apply & full after care instructions to take away with you. 

 expect the color to appear 20% darker at first, It takes approximately 4 to 6 days for the skin to heal completely and 21 days for the final colour to bloom and settle.  

For a free, no obligation, consultation or would like to learn more about semi-permanent makeup, please don't hesitate to give me a call.